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When “alt text” is not enough

Complex STEM Images

Examples of complex scientific images

Adding alt text to images is an important part of making images accessible to those with print disabilities. But, what should you do when you have a complex image whose meaning cannot be conveyed with alt text alone? Whether you are a professional publisher, a web developer, or a teacher creating digital handouts for your class, you can find resources here to make it much easier for you to make complex images accessible to all readers.

The Leading Edge of Accessible Images and Math

Tactile images, sonfication, 3D printed images, and haptics are just a few of the ways you can make digital images accessible. Take a look at DIAGRAM research and development that anticipate the future of accessible images using smartphones, tactiles, and templates. Read testimonials from members of the DIAGRAM community who are part of our working groups and who have taken our webinars.

Tools and Tips for Creating Accessible Images

Making Math Accessible

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